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Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2019
Clean looking plunger & canister for a bathroom. The plunger itself has a strong white handle with a black rubber suction creating “head.” The canister is white and hides the black rubber head within its two side flaps which part as the plunger handle is lifted up and closes as the plunger is placed on the small platform it rests on within the canister when not in use.
I will be updating this OXO Good Grips plunger regularly. I own an older home which has a toilet which requires daily plunging. So it’s durability & effectiveness will constantly be evaluated. At the moment after a couple of weeks of daily use, I highly recommend the OXO Good Grips.

Update - I've been using the plunger at least twice a day (I know - YUK!!) for just over a month. The plunger and handle are up to the task. This plunger is well built. So BUY IT.
The cannister is the weak link in this bathroom necessity. It is made of plastic. So far it hides the black plunger head when not in use. But it is made of plastic. I have been careful (gentle) when placing the plunger in the cannister. So we will see.
There is another aspect of the cannister to consider at least for me. The plunger head is obvious wet after being used. The cannister comes with an opening to promote toilet water evaporation. For most users I'm sure this aperture is enough to handle the moisture, but in my case there isn't enough time between uses to allow nature to do its task.
So cannister maintenance is part of the bathroom routine.
Again the plunger and plunger head are well made. The cannister works well. I still highly recommend OXO Good Grips Plunger and cannister.

Update 11/1/2019
Still very strongly recommend this plunger - 4 months in. So pleased with the plunger and cannister. Wish I could say the same for the current toilet.
UPDATE 2/21/2020
We are now plunging into 2020. 8 months after purchase. Excellent plunger. I continue to HIGHLY recommend this plunger.
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