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Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2020
This book is so easy to follow that I'm convinced a 8 year old could comprehend it.

That is certainly not meant as an insult. The author uses a steadily progressive narrative, set in the fictional location of "Danger Island", to expound upon libertarian conceptions. Further, he delves into not just the "what" but the "why" of the ideas themselves (the "story telling" really makes reading all of this a pleasure). If you read this, I'm sure you will come away convinced of the author's sensible, even-handed approach.

Along your journey through Danger Island, Borer's measured, collected, and fun writing style does not come at the expense of any intellectual rigor. Even if you disagree with the very conception of Anarcho-Capitalism, as did a previous reviewer (I always take comments that aren't from verified purchasers with a whole shaker of salt --and some peppers for good measure), you will most likely come away with a greater appreciation for the simplicity and intuitiveness of the perspective. From the get-go, Borer is happy to explain that even if you disagree, he hopes that your reading of the book will at least foster some measure of understanding for the libertarian ethic. Understanding and mutual respect, rather than the erected straw men that are typically constructed by those too eager to knock them down, will go a long way toward dispelling mischaracterizations, diffusing some of the tension that exists between different ideological "camps", and better approximating the ideas that can save the world. Everyone wants to save the world.

Buy this, read it, and share with those who could learn from it. If you've ever had questions about the basics and/or nuances of libertarianism and the ethical system that underlies it, this will go a long way toward clearing things up.
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