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Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2018
I am a homeschool mom who has a rather serious book-buying problem..... I can’t quit. I have spent so much money on books that look like they’ll be great resources for our family, only to leave them on the shelf, unopened. This book was recommended in several places as a nice supplement to world geography studies, and so it went on my school wish list. It’s a little more expensive than the books I buy on a whim, so I took my time deciding and it went in and out of my cart about 10 times before I finally bought it.
Well, it came in today. My kids are happily playing with Play-dough, while I- the mom- have been sitting with this book for about an hour now. It’s positively fascinating! I love geography to begin with, but this thing is just *packed* with information, and it’s all presented in such friendly wording, with fun and beautiful watercolor illustrations. It covers SO MANY topics, like the purpose of geography, latitude and longitude, maps, time zones, landforms, ocean facts, biomes..... and that’s like the first third of the book. The rest of the book covers each part of the world with maps, cultural highlights, quick facts, and a bit of history. There are enough illustrations and bits of humor to make it fun and keep it from feeling like school, but not so much it gets annoying or distracting. There is a spread on the earth’s origins and it is based on old earth theories, but there is literally one paragraph about it. If this kind of thing bugs you, know that it isn’t pervasive in this book. This is going to be so perfect for our Read Around the World Book Club this summer.
My girls are 9 and 11, and I would say this is a perfect level for the 9-year-old to get into geography- not overwhelming, but plenty of ideas to create a thorough introduction. It would be suitable for someone younger, too, though I’d say any younger than about 6 or 7 and they might miss some of the humor or be overwhelmed by all the info. Still, they’d likely enjoy the pictures and hearing many of the parts about different cultures. Older kids (like my 11-year-old) could go deeper and I wouldn’t use this alone to teach geography, but for summer, for fun, or as a great jumping-off place to the deeper waters of whichever topics catch their interest, I think it’s wonderful.
So, all that to say, no buyer’s remorse here, from someone who is well acquainted with that uncomfortable sensation. I know this book will be a hit in our family, even if only because I’m so excited to share it!
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