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Reviewed in the United States on April 16, 2018
Having been a customer of the E7's, I was curious how I would like the Pros. I really like the comfort these bring. The E7s are comfortable, but the pros have a noticeably softer ear cup making it more comfortable for working or maintenance around the house. I also noticed that the ear cups swivel forward and backward to allow them to lay flat on your desk or chest more easily than the E7s. I am not sure if that is a upgrade or not as much as just a difference I noted. I like having the volume controls on the sides of the new pros. If my phone is in my pocket, I can just reach up and adjust quickly. Noise Cancelling seems a bit better. Starting music in Bluetooth mode then switching to Noise Cancelling you can hear a major difference which is nice. Also using the 3.5mm plug i can use Noise Cancelling with it. with my E7s I could never use Noise cancelling with the 3.5mm cable plugged in for whatever reason, so that is a nice change. I love the upgrade so far, will post an update on battery time once I use them more. Nice work Cowin for decent priced headphones that deliver on so many levels!
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