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Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2020
To say that 24 y.o. Claire is a slacker would be a nice way of putting it. Her goal is to work as few hours as possible so she can spend her days on social media while eating junk food. She shares an apartment with her only friend Alice. Claire manages to pay her share of the rent working in a dentist office two mornings a week answering the phone (and allowing the dentist certain liberties behind closed doors). Claire also supplements her incoming by shoplifting, and she's not above lying whenever it benefits her.

One day she spots a woman coming out of a high-end hair salon. Even though Claire had only met Hannah Wilson once, ten years earlier, she instantly recognizes her. Claire had grown up in the lap of luxury, and that was all taken away thanks to a lie Hannah Wilson told about Claire's father. Now Claire has an opportunity to get revenge. With a little sleuthing, she learns Hannah is married to a wealthy man and has a baby. It appears that Hannah is living the life that should have been hers. Claire hatches a scheme and gets hired as the housekeeper.

I love Natalie Barelli. I find her writing delightful. But this book fell short. The overnight transition between the no-scruples Claire and the heroine Claire didn't work for me. Her actions didn't make a lot of sense either. Instead of taking me on a fun ride, this story seemed to be spinning its wheels and then stomping on the gas peddle just before the end. I'd say it was a mildly enjoyable trip. That's why I'm giving it three stars. If I find her next book another ho hum ride, it probably means my Natalie Barelli crush is over. I hope not.
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