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Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2019
Natascha McElhorne is the only actress that has shown herself to be talented, but only in other roles she's played. One glaring and sophomoric inconsistency beginning from the start of the film is that they can't even keep her hair color straight. In some scenes, she is irrefutably blonde, and in others she's suddenly brunette. The character she plays is mealy-mouthed and uncharismatic, inconsistent with the few reports of her as having come of age in the notoriously debaucherous French court alongside her sister. As for the rest of the cast of characters, this film is so badly written, ill-timed, and overacted that the story doesn't even matter.

Furthermore, the portrayal of Anne Boleyn is so completely out of step with the historical reports of her personality as to be absurd. According to all the historians of the Tudor period, Anne was notoriously distinct in both personality and presence- intellectually curious, skilled in all the arts of fine ladies, fashionable, confident, charismatic, and very French- in other words, noticeable. It is also historically incorrect in terms of timeline, with her being with her family in England and then "banished" to Hever after her affair with Percy. Nothing is shown of her coming from the French court directly to England. This is inaccurate for both sisters, in fact. Instead, they are both portrayed as tightly-wound, conservative, provincial English girls, somehow magically prevailed upon by the overwhelming magnificence of the king- only the king here is lackluster on all accounts. They chose an unattractive actor to play him, betraying the reports of Henry VIII's handsomeness and athleticism in his younger years. In fact, he comes off as downright creepy and corny, not to mention boring.

This is a terrible rendition of the Boleyn family story. It serves only to give some sort of color to the existence of Mary Boleyn, who is so left out of historical accounts that almost nothing about her is known other than to have been the king's discarded mistress before Anne captured his attention. Not worth wasting 89 minutes on at all!
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