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Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2013
I enjoy detailing as a hobby, but one thing I had never added to my arsenal was a polisher. I'd been eyeing one for a long time and had convinced myself that I wanted to go with the Flex, but eventually I decided on the PC for my use which is infrequent and usually light work.

Chemical Guys has been a favorite distributor of detailing products that I've used for a long time, so when I saw they had a PC package at a pretty good price, I went for it. You get most of the hex-logic polishing pads you'll need, as well as pad prep and pad cleaner spray bottles and a couple of microfibers to add to the collection.

This polisher is more than capable of most hobby detailer jobs, and it's very friendly to inexperienced polishers. You'd really have to try to damage your paint with this polisher, because the PC's dual action design keeps the pad moving even if you don't, helping prevent burning the paint. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in removing swirl marks in their vehicle and not interested in the cost of more expensive polishers like the Flex or the learning curve of a rotary polisher (which are extremely easy to damage your paint with if you don't know what you're doing).

My first job with this polisher was a friend's S10 that had been sitting for years and was etched with leaves and water spots. The paint was single stage which I didn't realize until I lifted the pad and it was startlingly green. This was by far the biggest job I imagine doing with this polisher, and after using it for a while it did get pretty warm (make sure you're using the right gauge extension cord for the length as well or you'll burn it up), it didn't have any problem making a huge difference in just a short period of time. Additionally, with the included pad cleaner the paint came right off the pad in some warm water.

Anyone who knows detailing knows that polishing is the most important step to bringing out that mirror-like shine, but a lot of people either don't use or don't know how to use a polisher. If you enjoy detailing as a hobby and want to take the next step past simple claying, washing, and waxing, this kit is perfect for you.

As a disclaimer for anyone who may not have polished before, I highly suggest reading up on the proper techniques prior to using this product. While a dual action polisher is extremely safe to use, you can still destroy your paint job (or at least clear coat) if you don't properly prep it (read: wash and clay) prior to polishing.
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