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Reviewed in the United States on March 22, 2012
I was recommended this book by a lecturer in a programming class. After looking through the reviews I was disappointed by review comments claiming that the book focused on the outdated Left and Right side brain model. After actually reading the book, I was please to find that it DID NOT continue the fallacy of this idea. Instead, It used reference to L-mode and R-mode, which are distinctly different from left and right side theory. L-mode and R-mode are refereed to as different forms of thinking performed by the brain, but instead of being said to be located on the left/right side of the brain, they are said to both occur throughout the brain.

Now that I have that portion off my chest, I will discus the book as a whole. The authors give a huge amount of tips and advice for improving our thinking. Much of the book is focused on coxing the L-mode (creative) part of our thinking to come forward. All the advice is objective, with a huge amount of source references. It is plainly stated by the authors that not all of the tips/advice will be useful to all users, but instead suggest that you try as many as you can and use those that have positive results.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in become more objective and valid in their thinking. Since reading the book, I feel I am able to incorporate new knowledge much easier. I can also recall information with increased ease. The principles covered in this book can be applied to all thinking and learning, but the information in the book is given largely through computer/programming analogy. This may cause it to be harder to understand for those unfamiliar with these topics.
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