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Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2016
Overall, a four-star rating.

The good (and it's REALLY good!):

The case is nicely constructed out of stiff nylon, and gives me plenty of confidence that my New 3DSXL will be perfectly safe under normal travel and use conditions. Note that this is a nylon travel case, and if you're planning on taking your 3DS along on, for example, a camping or rafting trip, you'll want to go for something like a Pelican-style hard case. There are enough pockets to hold 16 games without doubling up, so you can carry plenty of gaming with you. The outer zippers appear to be up for the challenge that this case will see in its expected use. There is also a zippered pocket which will hold a screen cleaning cloth, earbuds, and a USB charging cable. The game console pocket fits my New 3DSXL perfectly, and keeps it snugly in place with lots of protection, but it's still easy to retrieve when I'm ready to play.

The bad (and it's minor): The zippered accessory pocket on the inside is not deep enough to accommodate the "official" Nintendo charger. With only the charger in the pocket, a New 3DSXL in the console pocket and no games in the game sleeves, it takes quite an effort close the outer zippers, and I can't help but feel that there are hard parts being squeezed together inside. I can only imagine that this would be even more of a concern with the full complement of 16 games in place, and even more so if the game pockets were "doubled up". Currently, I use a 3rd party USB-based charge cable, and that fits fine. Overall, I am a bit surprised that a case designed for the 3DS would have such an obvious flaw.

Overall, though, as long as you're not intending the pack the Nintendo charger, all is well!
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