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Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2020
The first 1/4 in slow with lots of rambling references to other writers and such. This book also has those sections where the narrative flips into the "mind" of the killer. For the most part, these are more disturbing than gory, especially the relationship between the killer and his mother.

About half way through this really kicks in and you get a series of characters who are typical King characters: the kindly older man, the young man who becomes attached to the older guy, the young character who is unusual or autistic etc..., the middle aged woman attracted to the older, kindly man etc... These characters are all done with the usual King touch and are believable and likable.

The second half moves faster and there are a few surprises that I will not give away.

So if you like King, you will likely like this book. If you are new to King, do not give up after the first fifty pages, which are a little chatty and read like a draft with lots of authorial references to other authors and social issues.

I wish authors would quit doing these cheapo "mind of the killer" section and flashbacks. They seem like a cheap way to work in thrills and gore. Just my opinion here.

This is not his best work but is certainly a far cry from clinkers like Desperado, TX or Dreamcatcher.
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4.5 out of 5
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