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Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2020
I just use this as an every day bag, I just have some health supplements, some phone charging electronics and cables and my massive 7 lb textbook in it every day.

I use this every day at work and I don't baby it, I even hang it up on a rack by it's loop with all of that stuff in it, probably around 9-10 lbs and it has stayed there for a total of weeks, I leave it hanging every night and even with all that weight the loop has no wear and hasn't snapped or torn.

Everything is in mint condition.

I have not tried the anti-theft lock because I don't have a laptop and honestly anyone can just buy some mini padlocks for it if they want, just padlock the two zipper tabs together since all of the zippers have holes to padlock with.

The charging port is a standard USB 1.1 (White) which is what basically everyone uses if they're using a USB to charge something.

I study at work, I have a job where I can literally just have this textbook on my desk and study mostly all day, hilarious right? I won't mention what I do though, basically a sit at a desk all day job in a lobby.

Everything is made of high quality material, my expectations were good because of the reviews and I got what I was expecting, a 5 star backpack, that's what it is, and it was only like 30 bucks.
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