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Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2015
Much was made in this book about Casey Nice’s Zoloft – in order to finish this book, you really need No-Doz.

I’ve read every Reacher book and this is the first I’ve had trouble finishing. So much description and data that, while it may be OK in Reacher’s head, doesn’t translate to the reader. All those percentages and the big emphasis made about the bulletproof glass. Late in the book, Reacher is seriously outnumbered and I still can’t figure out how he got out of that. Also, when Charlie points a gun at him (for about two pages) I wondered why he didn’t just shoot Reacher. Criminals always made that mistake with 007, trying to talk to him and explain why they were going to kill him instead of just plugging him.

Finally, a big deal is made in almost all the books about how Reacher travels light, buying his clothes and only carrying a toothbrush – but a grown man has to shave. Where is any conversation about a razor?
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