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Reviewed in the United States on February 25, 2019
Bought my 03 Escalade last fall. Naturally among the inoperable items was the rear heater. It just blew cold air on any setting. After throwing in the towel trying to find a GM replacement part, I found this unit. Says it is a direct replacement for the OE one. Installation was straight forward with a nut driver and a screw driver. Swapped out the old one with new one. Put the panelling back on. Checked all the fuses. And it worked. It blew heat. Problem is now the auto temp setting is not working correctly. It only works manually. On auto temp, the fan runs full speed once everything is warmed up. It won't stop, it just keeps blowing faster until it reaches max speed. The temp sensor must be working because the temperature of the air starts to blow cooler as the cabin warms up, so I end up with a warmed up cabin with the rear blower blowing cool to cold air knocking the cabin temp back down. Something's not quite right with my unit. The old one didn't do this. It just blew cold regardless, but slowed down or stopped when the cabin was warm. I'm disappointed with this product. I do have heat, but lost the auto temp feature. Given the fact that these are all that could be found in the aftermarket world, you have to take what you can get.
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