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Reviewed in the United States on July 10, 2019
First Off: the 20 different items you see when searching for a battery organizer that are at price points between $10-20 are all exactly the same design without any quality differences. I know because I bought a bunch of different ones because at this point I know better than to pull the trigger on just one Far East Gray Brand offering on Amazon. Whether the product page calls it out or not, they’re all the “wall mount” type, and come with screws. So if you want this item regardless, find the best delivered price between them. However, my advice would be to stay away and here’s why:

Whether you want to mount it on the wall or put it in a drawer; the lack of a locking mechanism is a gigantic oversight. It makes transportation impossible and makes the likelihood of disaster high in general.

Imagine the feeling of organizing a whole drawer of loose batteries only to have your child or better half mishandle and have give or take 100 batteries fly all over your house, under sofas and tables. No matter how much you scour the floors, you’ll be sucking up stray batteries with the vacuum cleaner for a month.

I wouldn’t call that an organizer, I’d call that a battery grenade.

Get something that locks or zips shut to save yourself a whole lot of frustration.

They could’ve avoided this for pennies at the design stage, but that’s the thing with these ambiguous reseller brands: they’re buying someone else’s design disaster that wouldn’t fair well in stores and unloading them here.
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