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Reviewed in the United States on February 28, 2017
It's nice that a few companies are trying to make something like this, but they have much to improve before it can be called a great product.

Here is my feedback as a former competitive runner and who still tries to run as fast as possible off of 60-mile weeks and a limited number of workouts:
- you have to wear the chest strap rather tight to keep the back module from moving around
- it's not ideal to have to place the strap near the diaphragm where it is just uncomfortable and also gets in the way of any heart monitor strap you may have
- it causes shirts and jackets ride up a bit which leads to chafing
- it obviously keeps clothing tight against the body which causes more sweat
- it is not easy to clean once it is sweaty and smelly
- unless you get a get a size too small, the tubing is a bit loose around the waist and easily catches swinging hands when running (have to use bread ties in the back to keep the tubing tighter and closer to the body)
- the module seems unnecessarily big
- the clamps that keep the tubing in place end up damaging the tubing over time

It would be great to simply have tubing that could thread around the shoulders/waist of a normal lightweight reflective vest with a small battery case that could clip onto pants/shorts. However, as far as I know, that product doesn't yet exist and this might be the best option we have in the meantime.
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