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Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2017
Even though I consider myself to be quite well-versed regarding the defilement of the food supply, I still found the first part of this book to be mind-boggling and appalling. The corruption of our food has gone beyond even what I knew, and I think this fact speaks volumes about the future of humanity. But that aspect is beyond the scope of this book. What is within the scope of the book is detailed information about the defilement, mostly involving heavy metals, and the fact that even my organic food choices are not immune to this corruption. Sad and scary.

I was disappointed, however, in the chart section of the book. For a lay-person like myself, who is not already well-versed in chemistry, this section seems quite confusing and difficult to decipher. I think some sort of rating system, using the A+ through F ratings that he mentions in the very beginning of that section, would be much more helpful to the average reader.
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