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Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2020
i love this and i,m now your fan now i did not have minecraft i got a character suggestion
who is he:owner of the hidden town of mobsidian,a shopkeeper,you can deal with him like trading,enchanting,brewing,fixing,trading spawn eggs,giving netherite,he,ll let you be in his gang:The dark pulse and the ender dragon.a half killer,griefer,pays iron or diamond then,very rich,sometimes gives player something rare,imune to diamond bait
hates:smarter killers,killing enderman
secret:has the power of inklike fireballs,ink beams,flying shards,dicing cards.has a secret base.
buildings and attractions:the nether potral tower(his home)chauchaus shop,villagers home,statue of himself
fountain,farm,a museum,jail,minecraft staition witch is to steves town,slime block trampoline,zombie hugging booth(err...),other decorations,libary,aim practice area,battle course.
the secret base:get through his first puzzle the wide lava pool,its easy you need a lever for the iron trapdoor,then pass!puzzle 2:do not choose the wrong door!:choose only the iron doors ok?,ok so then no puzzles no more.
the treasures:there are a totem of undying farm,blaze farm,skeleton farm,witch farm,hoglin farm,there are rooms stashes of blocks,diamonds,iron,coal,gold,wood,tnt,bone meal block,redstone block,lapis block,netherite blocks,stone,sand and gravel,obsidian,emerald,etc.enchanted crossbows diamond picks,his real secrets,diary,his real secret and diary read:i think drewmc is not that great i want to trick him and show him whos boss,hey i heard theres a greifer gang i creep up on them,they do know i am here lol,i,ve done it!my secret base is done!bedrock armored and covered with iron blocks!ok man my town is reading time to show the town my town!
The dark pulse and the ender dragon:this team are good guys but rich members there is a member closet for them,they are also not crazy griefers as well but non killers,the members job is protect the town(as they have loot offer as well)
looks:wears black jacket black pants black shoes white shirt black tie very pale skin black plain hair blue eyes that is simullar to alex(hides mouth)
special facts:says puns and jokes,uses fint and steel as a weapon.
pulishment:blow up their house and steal their stuff(rebuilds them a newbie small empty house)
side:quite neutral,or alert
about tower its quartz block floor,enchanting table,anvil and furnitures are here
secret base location:he uses the reverse door command to keep his secret base hidden.
deeper secrets:he can contact to enderman,has a discovery of enderman language,thats a reason why he don,t hurt enderman.
catchphrases:gotta ketchup!,(sans sayings),what enderworld is going on?holy enders!
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