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Reviewed in the United States on April 10, 2015
her ipad mini needed to be removed from it's 'Lifeproof' protective case to fit in the stand provided by Osmo, and to be able to mount the little mirror clip at the top. While very impressed with how it all works, it's not something that your kid can use when they want to, unless they're old enough to entrust with a tablet outside of a shockproof case. This may have been a total random event, but she'd had her ipad for over a year and through some miracle had never cracked or broken the screen. We were working on the Osmo puzzles when I suddenly noticed a crack at the bottom of the ipad screen. I went back through photos of us and tablet, and it definitely wasn't cracked when we put it into the stand. It was probably just bad luck and freak occurrence, but the way that it fits in the stand (doesn't go in very deep) puts the screen at risk since the weight of the ipad is in essence putting lots of pressure on the bottom of the glass -- and all it would take (may have happened) is bumping the table or a toddler pushing against the glass to adjust something to exert enough pressure on the class to crack it. Unfortunately, we live overseas and replacing screens isn't that simple... so since that first day, the ipad mini is back in it's case and this amazing Osmo setup sits in a closet unused. While I will 4 stars above for a great concept, I would like to urge the developers to test stress / strain on screens when in the stand, and perhaps propose a version that fits some of the more popular shockproof cases, or even to package an alternative mount with a case so that parents like myself, can provide their toddlers with the opportunity to use this amazing contraption without gambling their ipad every time it's put to use!
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