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Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2019
I participate in retriever field trials and have not found a better chair for my needs. The back and seat are two separate pieces which are much more comfortable than the single piece sling style. The back comes up high enough to support my shoulder blades. Some chairs are much shorter and barely support your back. The chair locks into place with a crisp "snap" of the seat fabric, which I often have to be careful of if silence is expected during a trial. The chair is easy to fold up, as long as you place your foot on the bottom wrung and pull up on the middle of the seat fabric. I can easily carry this chair to and from the truck several times a day over a 10 hour day in the fields. Most chairs have no shoulder strap. This one does. Unless you have over- packed the attached hanging pocket with heavy items, the simple strap is comfortable and adequate for the job. Even when I have had the packs full, the strap performed well but digs in slightly. One reviewer commented that the table is not as durable as it could be. Hiking from venue to venue, and I don't want the added weight of a stronger table top. So unless you need to smash a trophy-size lobster claw with a sledge hammer on it, this table top works well. There is no beverage holder cut-out in the tabletop, so I just use the drink holder on the outer side of the hanging pocket. The hanging pocket also has an inner-side pocket deep enough to hold a book,laptop, or notebook. Not so with many other chairs, where there is no where place to tuck a field trial program/book/tablet out of the rain (not waterproof, just enough to keep it from a light shower). The aluminum frame is a balance of lightweight and doesn't feel flimsy like an umbrella-style folding chair. It is sturdy on uneven rock ledge or soft, muddy, or sandy soil. Lower cross bars on legs prevent sinking into the sand or mud. I can easily hoist and stow this in the overheard cargo box on my truck. (I have a Cabela's steel frame high top director's chair, but at a whopping 17+pounds, I find this chair makes more sense).
My last chair endured 4 years of heavy use- a friend recently borrowed it and then accidentally ran it over with their 2 ton truck. The table cracked down the middle and frame bent slightly, but aside from a unlevel tabletop, still works! But they offered to replace it, so just ordered the purple one , and love it! And my friend is happy to keep the old one.
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