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Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2018
I wish I had read all of the negative reviews rather than the review selected at the time as the top-negative review. This book is an exercise in frustration. One would have to see how far one would get before stopping. I made it almost to the end of the third chapter just before the web-presentation chapter. After reading so many disconnected sentences, paragraphs, and topics, I started to wonder what the author was even trying to do or say. Finally, I came to the conclusion that the author was trying to say everything but wound up saying nothing or worst makes contradictory statements but does not state clearly what he is comparing and contrasting. For example, in one section, the author recommends ORM as the must-have (You should seriously consider buying an O/R mapping tool..., page 37) and then bashes a serous shortcoming of ORM without stating that this is a shortcoming of ORM. (It's usually better to use one query that brings back unnecessary rows than to issue 50 individual queries, page 40) Unfortunately, one would have to deduce this connection based on years of experience having focused on the differences between ORM and using database queries to know that one-to-many relationships in ORM has serious shortcomings--each of the many relationships results in a query. While comparing technologies and making sure to consider alternatives is a great goal and many strive to achieve this balance, the author isn't achieving anything and certainly is not presenting best practices. What I finally concluded is that the author is engaging in a stream-of-consciousness presentation where the author's opinions on everything is deeply intertwined within the text, contradictory information is presented without fully explaining a technology, and worst-practices are presented. For those interested, you can read the book to find out for yourself and wonder if the author really is advocating some worst practice.
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