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Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2016
I spent years trying out different guitar strings from different manufacturers and time after time I kept coming back to these. They stay in tune well, they stay fresh for a long time, they sound well in every guitar I've put them in, and they're competitively priced. I've played better sounding strings (that cost more), and I've played more comfortable strings (that cost *MUCH* more), but these fulfill all of the basic requirements I have for a guitar string, and I buy them bulk to put on all the guitars I set up and have not received a single complaint. Even from people who are used to playing 11s with a wrapped G. It's my personal opinion that 9s are only useful in situations where you don't want to bother setting up the action and intonation, and in every situation I've personally encountered, a guitar set up properly with good fret dressing, good action, and proper pickup height sounds best with 10s on it.

In comparison to boutique options like coated strings I think overall DR still wins in my book, but a quick spray of Fingerease on these does ALMOST just as well as long as you're willing to keep it up regularly. And they stay in tune, properly intoned, and bright sounding for MUCH longer than Elixir strings at half the price. I'm also a fan of the flat- and semi-flatwound strings that D'Addario makes for excessively bright guitars.
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