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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2020
However you feel about the "All One" on the bar or the strange container writings for the liquid version, Dr. Bronner makes great soap. This review is for the six-pack of unscented bar soap. This is my favorite soap for next to the bathroom sink. It cleans hands like a champ, even when they are really gross and dirty. It has no artificial or unnecessary ingredients. Having no added scent is perfect because we use soap to get hands clean. If you want to make your hands smell like flowers or whatever, keep that as a separate individual choice for your different family members or guests.

One bar will last a long time. The bars are bigger than average and that is awesome. The "All One" impression will wash away early in the lifespan of the bar in case that's an issue for anyone. My only possible complaint is that because it is a big bar and gets repeatedly softened and hardened by wetting and drying, cracks will form. Washing very dirty hands can cause dirt to lodge in the cracks. So in the latter half of the bar's lifespan, I will occasionally brush out the cracks with an old toothbrush to keep it nice.
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