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Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2019
its a pretty lil thing for sure, color scheme is decent but nothing crazy like a 4k IPS display it doesn't POP and wow by any means but it gets the job done. the power cord is fairly short so be sure to have a power strip or outlet with 3 feet of placement. My biggest pet peeve about this monitor is the fact that it shakes everytime I type on my keyboard, or if i make rapid movements with my mouse. The neck of the stand is soo skinny for the width of the screen that it just looks like a big bobble head on my desk. now maybe if you have one of those computer desks with the extending shelf to place your keyboard on you may not have this problem but my screen sits right in front of my keyboard and it can give me a headache sometimes if my screen is shaking all the time.
The sound on this units is...horrible. but who buys a monitor for speakers anyway right? I either use my headphones or I swithc the sound setting to use my default speakers on the laptop instead. 75hz refresh rate is not very noticable to me when im playing games but that may be a personal thing. I once had a gsync 144hz montior and i always compare screens to that. Doesnt come close. And for some games for some reason the game will freeze whenever Im changes video settings like vsync or windowed to fullscreen settings. BO4 wont even go past the loading screen when I have this monitor plugged into my laptop. There may be some settings Id have to change on the game client itself but who wants to go through that hassle.

Overall I have to say i am kind of meh about it, its a 120 dollar screen what can you say, the picture quality is great, no dead pixels, sound sucks, wobbles way to much cuz its soo light, and few hiccups with getting games to work with the monitor without having to go into settings and manually changing things around.
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