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Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2018
There is some great information and advice in this large tome that I am definitely heeding however there are some things that just puzzle or annoy me:
1. If Spirit has told him the answers to all the questions that scientists have yet to discover, why does he not sit down with the top scientists in each field and explain to them what they don't know? Wouldn't this move science forward immensely rather than scientists continuing to go down rabbit holes??
2. He explains things in simplistic terms with no real information on the biology of the condition. Surely if he knows everything, he can explain it to us so we can all learn? He just keeps saying that scientists haven't discovered this yet without explain what it is they need to discover.
3. He promotes certain supplements on his website. I am sure he will have an affiliate relationship with these companies so will be getting a commission off each sale which comes through his website. I immediately become suspicious of someone saying they have the answers to true health but then push supplements.
4. He obviously has a massive marketing team behind him based on the emails I have received. I deleted one email immediately after reading it where the content was a long winded request for me to give the book a favorable review - before I had even received it! All in the interests of getting the information out to more people of course, nothing to do with selling more books and making more money!
5. It is very annoying to be reading a section where he talks about a recipe but then states that if you want it, read his (insert book title) to get the recipe. Pardon? If you are not going to put the recipe in the book that I am reading then don't mention it. I realise that this is a marketing ploy to sell more of his other books but I think it is a bit rude to do that.
Overall, good information but some things do rankle.
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