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Reviewed in the United States on June 13, 2019
For some reason, I totally missed the fact that this book is a reissue. I'm careful not to buy reissues and can find them at the local library. I would not have wasted $11 on this book had I been careful to check the info saying it was actually from 2004. I always check on that when I buy a book via Amazon. Must have goofed this time around.

Who the heck is Vivi? When you look at the back of the paperback it only mentions Athene and her daughter Suzanna and says nothing about anyone named Vivi. I am ONLY on page 51 and it's taken me most of two days to read this far. As a very avid reader, I can normally get 51 pages read very quickly. But with the strange characters who don't seem to match what they're talking about at the back of the book, it's very confusing trying to figure out what's going on so far.

It's just plain dull. I don't love all of Jojo Moyes's books to begin with, so that shouldn't surprise me. In fact, the title of her novel "Me Before You," which I read when it first came out, didn't even make sense since there was nothing in the book in regards to anything having to DO with the title of the novel. I never could figure out why that title exisited.

Jojo is not really a big favorite of mine so I'm not sure I'll ever read another of her books. But "The Peacock Emporium" is awful so far. Had I not spent $11 on the trade paperback (I noticed the price is much lower now) I wouldn't even finish this novel. But I hate wasting money so will trudge on through with this one.
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