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Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2017
Far-reaching and mind-expanding, when I first read Dune in the '60s I had my mouth open most of the time, and could only read half a page or so at a time before looking off into space for a few moments in awe, thinking about what I had just read. Thousands of years in the future, where mankind is able to control every single muscle in his body, where computers (which, when I read the book, were relatively new at the time) had been surpassed hundreds of years earlier, where mankind has spread an empire across the universe, and was beginning, through evolution and technology, to advance beyond humankind...a towering classic, anyone with any interest in science fiction at all must read this book. (and btw, I like David Lynch's 1984 feature film, you had to have read the book to follow the movie.)
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