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Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2017
This is a "reprint" of Mabel Todd Loomis's original collection ONLY in the sense that these guys digitally dumped the original and printed it with ABSOLUTELY NO EFFORT to re-format, lay it out, make it usable. There are no spaces even between letters, let alone markers delineating when one starts and another ends. Not even a single indent. No setting apart the poems that were appended on separate sheets. Everything just runs on from line to line, letter to letter, no indication by font or anything else of when Mabel Todd Loomis is making commentaries.

It is almost certainly produced via Optical Character Recognition software. Even a cursory examination discloses SERIOUS ERRORS uncorrected (in a poem appended to a letter to Samuel Bowles the OCR stabs at the non-word "sacraftient", which is in reality supposed to be "sacrament"

The only virtue of this book is that it does have the letters, and that they are gathered together by recipient. That's it. To make it usable, I have had to go through and draw lines separating the letters, notations, etc.
There is no index of any kind. You will have to do your own labeling even of the table of contents.
Shameful that this is even being offered for sale
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