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Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2016
Saw that the other reviewers were testing, taping it down, and comparing the days so my Type-A self had to have these strips. Some things I learned through this process.

1. Take the test around noon: I saw the other reviewers mention that their Test line was not as dark as the control line. As you can see from my picture (CD 19-21), I got VERY dark lines, darker than the control line even, on my ovulation days. What worked for me is testing around noon after holding it in for a few hours. I read that it takes a few hours for LH to build up in your body and that your first morning sample will not have enough LH build up. I read you can do it til 2pm but can't vouch for that.

2. Be patient: I was getting really frustrated around day 16 when I continued to see light lines. (Was I ovulating? Which of these light lines is the darkest? Was I not ovulating? What is going on with my body? Repeat.) Keep at it. I finally got a dark line on Day 19 and it was so clear then that all the other days were not my peak days.

3. Dip for five mississippis: the other reviewers are right, dipping for five seconds is better and doesn't hurt the results.

4. Temperature: i saw no difference between "fresh" samples and samples that sit out until room temperature.
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