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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on March 3, 2020
Winner: Kirkland
I measured the size for you guys. Kirkland’s wipe dimensions are about 6.3/4” X 8.1/4”. Huggies is the e size at about 6 .1/2” X 7 .1/2”. Kirkland’s baby wipe is a little bigger matters to me. (see the picture)

Winner: almost the same.
Using the price I paid for Huggies and the normal price for Kirkland, I compared each wipes’ price as closely as I could. For a Huggies box of 704, it costs $13.98.( $0.0199 each wipes) For a Kirkland of 900, it costs $19.99.($0.0222 each wipe). So based on this rough comparison, Huggies is slightly cheaper than Kirkland is. Thus the price is not a crucial factor between Kirkland and Huggies.

Winner: Kirkland
It’s very important that the wipe won’t rip as easily to avoid a poopy, annoying mess. So I ripped each wipe and found that Kirkland was really difficult to tear! It was like trying to tear a cloth! Yet, Huggies ripped incredibly easy and left me with no confidence in it for this area.

Winner: Huggies
I expect my wipe to feel wet straight from the package. That way, I’m confident it will actually clean up my baby’s nasty, poopy bum. Huggies is the absolute winner in its moistness. Kirkland wipes are very dry compared to Huggies. When I used on my baby’s stool, I felt like I could have saved myself on the money and time.
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