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Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2019
I LOVED this story--until the end which was glaringly missing. I LOVED all the women in this book and the prickly dynamics between multi-generational women. The characters were so beautifully developed, and the writing was incredible. I loved the truly believable tortured dynamics between the mothers and daughters and daughter-in-law. Then, after investing hours into this family, the story just stopped. No ending. No wrap-up. No reward of a satisfying resolution. I thought I had accidentally skipped a chapter or two and even flipped back to see. Nope. It was as if the author just suddenly lost interest and stopped writing or just lost interest in the story altogether. It made no sense that Alice's monumental decision, the point of most of the novel, was just left flapping in the wind! Did anyone else feel this way?
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