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Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2020
With the requirement to work from home, I needed a good-quality headset for Zoom meetings. This headset fits that need almost perfectly with one exception. The build quality is outstanding -- plastics seem to be of good quality, the headset feels solid and not flimsy, the earpads are thick, and there aren't any creaks or rattles. They are pretty comfortable and don't overly squeeze my average-size head or put too much pressure on my ears.

The sound quality is good. I wouldn't put them to use as my primary headphones for listening to music but they are great for Zoom meetings. The microphone works well and others can hear me well and clearly. I am using the headset on a MacBook Pro with the included USB dongle and my own USB-A to USB-C adapter.

The only problem I have with the headset is that it doesn't provide sidetone (the ability to hear my own voice when I'm speaking). During meetings, I find myself raising my voice so I can hear myself. Family members in my house ask me why I'm always yelling during my meetings. The only solution I found to help avoid that is to move one side of the headset off of my ear a little to allow me to hear my own voice. By default the MacBook Pro doesn't have a sidetone feature for communication headsets so I tried to see if MPOW had a software driver to use with the USB dongle. They don't.

After doing a bunch of research, I found that there are a few third-party applications that can be used to add sidetone to input devices (microphones) but many of them also add delay which isn't what you want when you're talking to somebody. One that I tried also added echo to my own voice so I sounded like my office was in a cave.

I then tried to determine if the lack of sidetone could be fixed on the hardware side so I connected a Logitech gaming headset with its USB dongle and it worked great! I had sidetone and I didn't need to install any drivers. So, sadly, the MPOW headset has been relegated to its box until I can find a need for it (the return window has closed) and I ordered a Logitech G332 SE headset just for my MacBook.
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