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Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2016
Right off the bat the energy is good in this book, and the chemistry between the two characters is apparent. It is a lot more believable than many romance books, the author doesn't really use miscommunication as a plot device to separate the characters, and more complex emotions and issues are approached. The story doesn't go at a breakneck pace and feel like a whirlwind, it has good pace and flows naturally. They don't have to show you every scene that happens just the important ones. I liked that Sara isn't simpering and coy and at the same time very sexual. Sometimes the writer tries to make the main character really coy but also very sexual and its contrived but Sara was very innocent and interested in sex, she asked questions and pursued her own pleasure. The characters weren't too perfect, had obvious faults but were able to work through things. In the end there is a nice happy ending.
My only two issues, (spoiler alert) is that, one, the book can sort of perpetuate the idea that the only way people have these extreme sexual preferences is if they are abused. Secondly, I'm not into sharing partners or involving other people intimately with the main couple and this book and that. It just doesn't work for me, but if it works for you I'm sure you will enjoy it! Overall, really steamy engaging book. 7.75/10 would buy.
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