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Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2020
I have read and watched many interviews with Michael Connelly over the years. I even talked with him briefly at a book signing years ago. I've read every novel he's ever written, most of them multiple times. This is the first time I've been left feeling disappointed.

First things first: Connelly's politics are on display in this story. Even if you agree with his position, his commentary is this book may offend you. First, he accuses Trump of things that EVERY politician in history has done. Second, he includes the pandemic in the story, but it is not germaine to the plot -- it's simply a mechanism for Connelly to spout his political viewpoint.

On to the story (SPOILERS HERE). The first third to half of the novel follows Haller's stay in jail awaiting trial, and his eventually successful efforts to get released on bail. The plot then lurches clumsily to the trial phase, skipping several weeks of what we must assume were efforts to find the real killer. Not only that, but Bosch's participation in the investigation seems almost like an afterthought. I wonder if Bosch was actually a completely different character during the first draft, and Connelly decided that Bosch needed to make an appearance. Bosch's inclusion in the plot is minor, and not very compelling.

The prosecutor is a thinly developed character as well. Her motivations were never made clear, and MC makes no effort to explain her refusal to accept Haller's apparent innocence at the end of the story, even though all other characters are on board with that conclusion. The prosecutor seems to have been made a villain simply because the story didn't really have any other potential villains. Even the "real" killer is not exactly a villain -- more a peripheral character.

Lastly, the final scene with the would-be assassin seems very forced, as if Connelly was told by his editor that the book needed SOME sort of excitement, so Connelly added a couple pages of a contrived "shootout" at the end.

I could go on and on.....the Kendall character was completely unnecessary. The bus attack on Haller was not necessary, and was never explained either. The Milton sub-plot was never resolved. Etc etc.

This was a very disappointing effort. I really looked forward to this novel, but now I'm sorry I read it. And I will be very wary of MC in the future, considering that he is now a political commentator.
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