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Reviewed in the United States on December 2, 2015
The book is very shallow, sad that people take this as valuable.
I would not buy this, or give it as a gift. I read a few pages and felt disgusted!
This is not Biblical, this is not tough, this is not a Spiritually challenging book.
The only things I actually thought were worth a dime was the exercise part and some ideas of what not to eat.

Do you want to do the Daniel Plan?
Well here it is, separate yourself, not just by avoiding McDonald's like the plague, but separate yourself from the polution of thought the world is throwing at you daily. Disconnect from the Internet and connect to the Living Word of God, turn on your prayer antenna and call out to HIM.
Food wise, you should not drink coffee or any other uppers (drinks that contain caffeine) don't eat red meats for the first 5 days (detox period) then don't eat any meat for 20 days. Also don't eat BLEACHED FLOUR EVER! That makes you bloated and full of water. Don't snack like the average american. Instead have some nuts, a variety of nuts will be good.

If you commit to this and seek the Lord, trust NOT me but the Word it will not Fail!

skip the book, do the FAST! It is your Christian duty. You may stop having a lot of health issues if you do this fast.

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