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Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2019
This funnel kit did what it was supposed to. The large funnel attached to the radiator filler neck creates a reservoir for the coolant to expand into while you are bleeding the cooling system. The last time I bled my cooling system without the attached funnel, I had antifreeze gushing all over the place. I still splashed a little antifreeze out with this system, but nothing like before. It was also a learning experience, and I think I can do it even better next time. I would fill the radiator most of the way up with a conventional funnel, then attach the funnel from this kit when ready to start the engine to bleed the system. The problem with filling the radiator with the funnel tightly sealed to the filler neck, is that the antifreeze will burp as you pour it in, which causes some splashing. Also, depending on your vehicle and bleeding procedure, be careful not to pre-fill too much antifreeze into the radiator. I filled it so that it just entered the bottom of the funnel, and that was too much. Even though the kit funnel is large, it nearly overflowed while I was waiting for the thermostat to open. Next time I plan to fill to about an inch below the filler neck and that should give me a safety margin to keep the funnel from overflowing. The angle attachments were useful to keep the funnel level, and everything made a tight seal. I had no problem with any seepage around the connections.
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