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Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2020
Even with 4 years of experience in the industry I found the book highly informative.

My gripes so far:
Chapter 5 - Formatting. Most modern day I.D.E's either have a built-in "beautifier" option or a plug-in. Example: Visual Studio ctrl + k + d and formats everything properly, provided that their are no missing closing/opening curly braces, brackets, semicolons, etc. This chapter seemed like a waste and could have been replaced with some better information. In fact most modern day I.D.E's have the options listed above readily available to the developer.

My favorite chapter so far has been the naming chapter that details why it's so important to name your variables and functions properly. But we'll see if it continues to be my favorite chapter as I'm only on Chapter 6.
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