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Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2019
I own 2 rabbits an American and a lion head/American mix, I was thrilled when this arrived because the pellets I buy them have some rings that look similar to these and they go nuts for those, but they didn't like vitakraft nibble rings at all, I can tell cause when I gave them to smell they looked away totally disinterested, I tried multiple times to feed them the rings even when I knew they were gonna be hungry, but it didn't work either:( My lionhead even went on a little tantrum by knocking over the food bowl and then eating everything but the rings, she also picked them out of her bowl, which I had never seen before with any other food, treat or veggie I gave her to try.
My other bunny just ignored the rings sniffed them and hopped away.
I tried making them a little wet to see if that was the issue and nothing, tried mixing them with their pellets and nothing, gave them solely rings one time and the "knock over bowl" tump feet behavior repeated.

Such a shame.

Perks the package does bring a considerable quantity

I bought 2 packages (cause I own 2 bunnies who eat voraciously) and my bunnies don't like it
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