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Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2020
I enjoyed World War Z a lot and this book is also very good, if different. Like many Steven King novels, the author take a while setting the stage. Introducing the community of Greenloop and its residents via journal entries from a new resident, intermixed with foreshadowing interviews with other people done after the main events in the book. You get brief glimpses of "something" in the woods as the book starts gathering steam...but - have no worries - by the end...the Sasquatches are definitely, literally in the house and all bloody hell is breaking loose. The violence is authentically graphic and the drama of what is happening is well presented. Because Mr. Brooks took time to setup the situation and characters, you actually do feel sympathy/concern for everybody once the action starts...which some other "Bigfoot horror" books I've read have not bothered to create. I am a bigfoot enthusiast but I feel this book would be entertaining to anybody who simply enjoys a well constructed horror story
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