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Reviewed in the United States on August 28, 2019
My dwarf bunny, Dusty, loved these grass mats and tore them apart within just a few hours.

Unfortunately, my cat, Nicodemus von Wittykitty, liked them, too. Any hay that landed outside Dusty's cage, Nico ate. (This is a cat that will NOT eat any "people food," wet cat food, or soft cat treats - but seems to have an affinity for many things he *shouldn't* eat [that are neither people nor cat foods], and *those* he eats with gusto).

Ask me about the time he gobbled down a flower from an azalea bush. THAT cost me $200.00 in vet bills.

Anyway, after cleaning up cat vomit laced with hay multiple times over a three day period, alas I had to make the decision not to repurchase these grass mats. Which makes Dusty bunny very sad. She's no longer speaking to the cat.

However, if YOU don't have a cat partial to nomming on hay, give these a try with *your* bunny.

They'll love them!
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