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Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2020
Do you have a dry cough? Has most of your family come down with the death virus from Wuhan? Well you are in luck. With this suit on you can go out to the store and hopefully not be a walking virological timebomb that spreads your deadly spore to everyone around you.

I am not a medical doctor - but something that keeps you isolated from the outside world SHOULD keep most of the baddies you shed from shedding to others --- and possibly vice versa. I would obviously not recommend this stuff for BLS4 level work - but hell -when has the apocalypse ever lived up to expectations.

They are surprisingly comfy, though. Does not get in the way when used with firearms. With an accompanying respirator, goggles, visor, gloves and boot covers --- you look freaking cool as hell - like straight out of Fallout or the Last of Us. Its too bad we might be having to LARP these games over the coming year.

Isn't this timeline fun.
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