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Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2018
I read this with my 7-year old son. I cried pretty much every few chapters. There is so much in this book that pulls at your heart strings.

The only downside is that the concepts of an abondoned child can be a little scary for kids to think about. I did not realize that this book would delve into the topic so deeply, or I would have waited a few years before sharing it with my son. It does bring up some good talking points to discuss with your kids, and also does present some teachable moments.

But as a warning, I would strongly advise reading the book yourself first (or reading it WITH your child) to make sure you want to approach all of these scary topics with them.

By the way, my son LOVED the book. Every night he begged for "just one more chapter!"

The book is written in a language similar to the way I imagine a child thinks. The author uses words like "waiting for mama to get her feet on the ground" and "broken family" and that her dad is in jail for "fighting." But she doesn't really expand on the legal aspects or the direct terminology of "abandonment" or "adoption," etc.

I have to say that I myself feel like I got a lot out of this book. Like I mentioned, it will pull at your heart strings and it will really make you feel for what that little girl is going through. You will certainly understand the anger and resentment she feels inside, and all the ways she acts out because of it.

The little girl's aunt in the story is just the perfect mother figure (patient, kind, encouraging, affectionate, but direct and honest). Reading this story makes me want to try to be a better mom for my kids.

Read this book with your kids (or just for yourself). It will touch your heart and you will be thinking about it for days afterward. Just be prepared to discuss issues that might be upsetting to some children if you share it with them.

Great read! :)
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