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Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2018
Where do I begin?
Was he paid by the number of pages he wrote? Goes into way too much detail about things no one cares about.

Also he is simply selecting things in history that conveniently fit his thesis, this is selection bias.
He makes way too many sweeping generalizations and says that is the reason why so and so country is rich today.
He writes that the larger the population a country has (e.g., it will have more Einsteins), the more competition there will be among its people and there will be more innovators among that population and therefore the country will invent more stuff and eventually become richer. If that's the case then why have no significant inventions come out of India or China in the past 100 years when they have 4x the population of the U.S.?

This book has so many flaws in logic I don't even know how it is so highly rated on Amazon. Oh wait.. I get it now.
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