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Reviewed in the United States on November 19, 2019
This funny, funny book is just what you want to read with any kids old enough to hold a sentient discussion. The jokes are taking the simple things of life (a house, a crayon picture) and describing them in ways that an alien might "wax coated picture" "irregularly shaped box" --you get the idea.

This kind of thing makes for giggling but also a lot of great parent-child interaction because you can do the "well, what's that REALLY" question and answer discussion and work on logic and reasoning verbal skills.

Fun, hilarious pictures but most of all a way to look at things through completely naive eyes as if you were an alien. You can continue this endlessly. Pick up a toothbrush and have the kids describe it as if they were an extra-terrestrial just landed and reporting back to the mothership.

My mom used to do stuff like this, making a kiddy play-date menu for us, writing out "Cow juice. Smashed Goobers and Squished Berries on a Raft" (milk and PBJ sandwiches) Here sixty years later and I'm still giggling.

Build some great brain skills, fun memories and enjoy yourself.
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