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Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2018
I researched all of the vibration platforms before I made my choice. There were several reasons why I chose LifePro.
1. I loved the lifetime warranty.
2. The details that outlined the quality and integrity of their product, to include additional support.
3. The details of what the vibration plate was capable of doing, and the body systems it supported.
4. Price

I have recently been diagnosed with a rare inherited disease that has a toxic accumulation of copper in the body. It affects the liver, kidneys, brain and eyes. I have chosen to treat my condition holistically with the help of my wonderful physician. (Please note, I'm not making any medical claims, I'm sharing my personal experience with this product. Everyone is different, and these are my results.) It was recommended that I purchase a vibration machine to help flush out the toxic build up of copper from my body. One of my many symptoms was excessive lower extremity pitting edema in both legs. With this disease, all elimination of copper based foods is vital, which I did immediately. This helped to reduce a percentage of swelling, however, I still had a considerable amount of toxic copper in my system. I've had the LifePro for about 2 weeks now, and I use it 2-4 times per day on average, in different positions, and using different programs (P0-P9). I have my favorites...

Within the first 3 days of using this machine, 100% of the edema was GONE!! I had my legs, ankles and feet back to normal, and I was extremely happy!!! I could see improvement immediately, and I thought I was seeing things! But honestly, it worked! I used the machine 10 times in 3 days, and I saw dramatic improvement!

The additional benefits I have received have been more stamina, less fatigue, I'm feeling better every day, and along with lots of water after each set, I feel that the toxic levels are quickly being flushed from my system. I am also using this machine for lymphatic drainage, focusing primarily on my upper body where the lymphatic ducts are located. So I do at least 1-2 sessions with my arms on the machine, both front and back. This is best done on lower settings P0-P3.

Additionally, I reached out to customer service, as I had a few questions about the settings. I used Facebook Messager, as I had joined their VIP Facebook group, which everyone who purchases this machine is able to be part of. Joel, one of the owners, was quick to reply, and answered all of my questions in detail! The Facebook group also gives you access to several videos on how to use the machine and different exercises you can do. I found these to all be bonuses for me, since my primary reason for purchasing was not for fitness. I explained to Joel my situation, and he was really accommodating to my request for the information I needed to support my health journey; so that I get the most (and best) use out of the vibration machine.

I am super happy with this product, and the support is fantastic! You will not be disappointed. This machine is everything they say it is, and MORE!!!
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