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Reviewed in the United States on January 4, 2019
 This printer was easy to put together with a bit of help from Youtube. The directions were only pictures and not quite enough for me as this was my first experience assembling a 3d printer.
After about 3 days of tinkering and enjoying the heck out of my Ender 3, one of my prints completed and I noticed it was melting to the heat bed. The bed temperature was set to the manufacturer PET-G recommended temp of 80 Celsius yet the actual temperature of the bed was 113 Celsius. I noticed a strong smell of burnt circuit board or electronics. I shut it down, allowed it to cool and then powered it on to see what was going on. The bed temperature was defaulted to 0 when powered on and the temperature of the bed continually climbed until the bed was hot and I turned it off again. See video if you want to see what I am referring to. My biggest worry about this issue is the potential fire hazard this runaway heater situation may have posed to me and my family.
I posted a support request to the Creality web site regarding the heating issue and have not heard back after about 1 week. I will be packing the unit up and returning to Amazon before it is too late.
I believe this printer has the potential to be a great deal. Mine was defective and possibly posed a danger to my family after 3 days and I did not get a chance to experience the great customer support others have raved about.
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