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Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2020
This product works, it charges 2 ps5 controllers at the same time, and has no issues doing so. I’ve left both controllers on the charger all day at work, and no issues, it properly says when it’s charging (red on display) and when it’s charged (green icon on display)
The display looks legit, not cheap, although the product is very light, noticeably lighter than the official ps5 charger for a much higher price, but that doesn’t really mean anything.

It charges by plugging a usb-C plug into the usb-C port on the controller. It’s small, and I leave them in all the time even while playing. It’s a bit snug, so I need both hands to remove it, however I double sided taped it to my table and that’s not an issue anymore. They feel secure but kind of loose in the charging cradle, but not in a way I feel they will be damaged. I think the controller plug part staying in always reduces chance of damaging that port, which is ideal compared to chargers where you insert the controller into a usb C build into the cradle itself.

When I charged with the ps5 and official controller to full charge and then inserted into the cradle, the ps5 controller light briefly came on, for less than 2 seconds, and then turned off, indicating it was not actively charging an already charged battery. I’ve used this daily since the ps5 launch with literally zero problems, and would absolutely recommend this product, even though it’s similar in price to the official Sony charging cradle, that one plugs in and out every time it’s used, and will in time cause wear on the port, a very minor concern but still valid.
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