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Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2018
For the price, you really can't beat it! I love the extra desk space I have now because I used to have a freestanding mount so this is great for me. The construction is solid and I don't have to worry about the stand slipping off and breaking my monitors so if you want to free up space on your desk I would recommend this unit above the others.

-A solid stand that can hold a lot of weight if your monitors run on the heavy side
-Cable management pieces that you can attach where you need them and hide those ugly wires
-Easy mounting options that free up A LOT of space compared to a freestanding monitor stand
-The mounting bracket itself has cloth-like pads that can be attached to keep the stand from scratching the desk
-Monitors can quickly be pulled off or put on with the mounting plates being separate from the stand.

-Very tight screws on the monitor arms that are almost impossible to turn
-I would have liked to had a smaller cap on the desk mount for easier tightening (my desk has a bottom drawer so the mounting screw head butts up to the back of the draw and the screw is big enough that it got in the way to the point I had to slide the mount off the desk slightly to tighten it fully)
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