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Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2018
UPDATE: I've added 2 stars to my original review. A few days after I posted a 3-star review complaining about an apparent quality control issue (particulate matter stuck to underside of the protector *inside* the protective sheet), I received a direct email from a company representative apologizing for the problem and offering a free replacement. I was very busy & didn't respond to the email at first, so I received a 2nd email with the same offer a couple of days later. I emailed back, verified my shipping address, and a few days later a new package was on my front porch. I waited overnight for it to warm up to room temperature, removed the defective protector from the iPad, and installed the new protector after very, VERY carefully inspecting it and using the installation kit to clean the iPad's screen. There were no adhesion problems, very few bubbles (all of which were easily cleared in a matter of moments), and only one tiny imperfection that is literally invisible without a magnifying glass and a careful search. I am very pleased with the replacement product and happily shocked at the exemplary customer service. (To repeat, the company contacted me with an apology & no-strings-attached replacement before I had the chance to contact them.) As of now, I'll definitely buy from them again as needed in the future.

One quick note: As mentioned in my original review, there are stick-on tabs to create a "hinge" to help position the screen protector prior to installation. This time around I did not use them and found it easier to carefully position the screen protector the old-fashioned way. If you buy this product I recommend practice fitting the protector (BEFORE removing the film covering the adhesive!) with the hinges so you can tell if it would be easier for you to place it correctly with or without them -- I'm sure the choice will vary among buyers.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've used tempered glass screen protectors on a variety of devices, and the reviews of this one led to high expectations. I was amazed at how well-packaged it is: a semi-rigid heavy cardboard "book" style folder, with a separate "installation kit" inside along with the screen protector itself in a protective sleeve and an internal frame keeping everything in place & protected.

Unlike my experience with several other similar (smaller) protectors of other brands, the installation kit was complete and -- hooray! -- the "wet" wipe was actually wet. (Be careful opening the installation kit; I accidentally tore off a small part of the instruction booklet.) The first thing I noticed was more complete/complex instructions than I'd expected, along with a note saying I should view an instructional video on YouTube. The video came up right where it was supposed to be, but I immediately noticed that it skipped over 1 step in the printed directions (use the dry wipe after the wet wipe but before the microfiber cloth), and did not show or mention the stiff card (size of a credit card) intended to help move bubbles out from under the screen protector as the final installation step.

One very helpful feature of the installation kit was "hinge" stickers that let you pre-position the protector and then swing it out of the way to thoroughly clean the iPad screen, then just swing it back into place for installation already in the correct position... at least in theory. I still had to be very careful positioning the protector because the stickers still allow a bit more side-to-side wiggle than is perhaps absolutely necessary. It was when the protector was in place and beginning to adhere to the iPad screen when things went a bit sour.

Before using the installation kit, I had buffed the iPad with a clean microfiber cloth until it shined. I then used the installation kit's wet wipe, making sure to cover every tiny bit of the surface, followed by careful wiping with the kit's dry wipe. I then buffed the iPad with the microfiber cloth from the installation kit, followed by the included "dust absorber" (a big sticker you lightly tap all over the screen to pull off any dust particles that somehow were missed in all the preceding steps). At every step, I carefully inspected the iPad for dust, fingerprints, and any other kind of marking, checking it at multiple angles in direct & indirect lighting. (I can be a little obsessive when it comes to screen protectors.) I checked the screen protector one more time at different angles, and saw a few little spots I decided were probably dirt on the protective film. I then peeled the protective film off the back of the screen protector, swung it down onto the iPad, and began pressing out a few bubbles...

...only to find 7-8 bits of kind of particulate matter causing permanent bubbles scattered across the screen (not to mention the entire upper left 1/8 of the screen protector not sticking nearly as well as the rest of it). I peeled the protector back, did some more cleaning, reapplied the protector, and had the same particles in the same spots. I then very gently used the "dust absorber" directly on the sticky side of the screen protector and reapplied it for a second time, and was rewarded with just a few small bubbles I was able to manipulate out.

As of now, the upper left 1/8 of the screen protector seems to be sitting on the iPad screen and not actually adhering to it (that's 1 star off), and I'm a bit annoyed at how I had to clean particulate matter off the supposedly clean & protected *sticky* side of the screen protector (that's the 2nd star off). For the moment it seems to be staying in place & remaining clean, but I'll have to think twice about another of the same brand in the future.
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