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D if for Dinosaur
Edited By Rhonda Parrish

D is for Dinosaur is a collection of 26 stories about you guessed it Dinosaurs. Although they aren't always the big green scaled beasts straight from history books and the big screens.

A by Michael M Jones is about Tanith and her inner dinosaur named Dinah who represents her inner rage and how she learns to deal with it.

B by Simon Kewin is about Bronte or Brontesaurus as her father called her and her inner T rex named T. Regina and who is bullied and resorts to T Regina to relieve her teen angst but soon realizes nothing is as it seems.

C by Brittany Warman is about the little bird and the evolution behind the species, and how they adapt to survive but never forget where they came from.

D by C.S. MacCath follows Alejandra Maria Yaotl on her quest to the new world to challenge the leader and all his flashy technology. He views her as a dinosaur old and outdated and not a threat. Sometimes technology isn’t the answer.

E Gary B Phillips a photographer thinks he has it all until he has a daughter. Then his whole life becomes gaining her approval and love. Every day what he does is for her.

F by L.S. Johnsoni about Carol and Robert and their disaster of a marriage. Robert is controlling and abusive and hung up on some crackpot theory and hauls carol off to the islands in Scotland. Where they fine her.

G Suzanne J Willis follows the decline of the dinosaurs after the meteors fell and the winged creatures took to the caves to survive. They watched and evolved and never forgot their history.

H by Megan Engelhardt We will walk when we must and we will swim when we can. When we are found by men we will put on our two legs and walk until we can safely swim again.

I Michael Fosburg The Inaan are now all but extinct thanks to the Colossi and their only hope is in Kitarcha the dreamer and the place she sees beneath the mountains and the battle to get there.

J by Jeanne Kramer- Smyth When you smuggle cells of other species within your own marrow nothing can go wrong right? Only if those cells don’t get taken out in time now way past the deadline her only hope is Snyder.

K by Pete Aldin Brynjar and Gunnar survive a boat wreck that is mostly Gunnars fault after he convinced the captain to sail further south than normal. The so called islands he saw were just rocky forks that sunk their boat. As a rescue boat approaches they quickly have to decide what to tell the crew.

L by Alexandra Seidel When your grandparents are geologists and your mother is a geologist it seems Corvy’s only choice is to be a geologist even though she doesn't want to, but the glowing rock she trips over will soon change everything for her.

M by Michael B Tager It’s Eddy’s birthday and he invites his lab partner Julia home to show her his latest idea for an experiment cloning a dinosaur from a fossil he got online. What could go wrong they are kids and this is a play chemist set?

N by KV Taylor Judy escapes her abusive father and runs off into the night during a thunderstorm when she wakes she realizes she is sleeping in a ribcage of a very large animal she uses her gift to exact revenge on her father.

O by Amanda C Davis Hazel and Zig are sent back in time to take out a species of animal.Though it soon seems it's their turn to be hunted.

P by Beth Cato Carmen is a genius and also has a not so imaginary friend that is a dinosaur She can see him but no one else can though as she ages she will start to lose sight and not be able to hear him any longer as much as she doesn't want too. He is here to teach her diplomacy young children and aliens are very similar.

Q by Lynn Hardaker John and his older sister were very much alone sent to spend the summer with their Uncle Mitch who wasn't really their uncle just an old friend of their fathers. Their new step mom was due to have a new baby and just wanted time for the three of them so off they went. Except Uncle Mitch isn’t a good guy and John soon learns this though the house takes care of it.

R Sara Cleto Lizzie and Laura are sisters who discover a very large bone in their backyard and after their mom calls the authorities they get packed up and sent off to a museum and that night they both dreamed of dinosaurs and that their bones sang too.

S Jonathan C Parrish When she finds something that almost makes her feel alive again she must do whatever it takes to protect it, and for the first time in a long time she sleeps.

T Samantha Kymmell- Harvey Maebell loves tatting her silk creatures and when she sings they come alive for her and after failing her interview at the science academy she vows to make it right when her singing and unseemly silk gloves save the day.

U Michael Kellar Ray has always loved dinosaurs and even went to college to become a paleontologist and in 2045 a new planet is discovered with dinosaurs that survived extinction of course he was game to go he even got to body morph into one.
V Cory Cone Michael owns a pest control company but not just for any pests…..dinosaurs when he was younger he lost his middle fingers to one. Jessi needs to learn to respect the dangers quick or he won't be on the job long.

W Hal J. Friesen Dana and Lisa are on a mission to save the dinosaurs from a big wig gene splicer who created them for profit then let them starve. Though now they are in desperate need of medicine the same guy is in charge of and they can’t get it. Death takes them both to a much better place though.

X BD Wilson Victor has been with The Institute for two years now and every day they are hoping to be closer to the break through but he keeps having to go to med bay for a persistent rash. Soon though the alarms are going off level two and Victor can't find his friend Kayla so he goes to get her and bring her to the rendezvous spot. He thought what they were doing there was to help save the world it wasn't.

Y Andrew Bourelle Charlie is a former junkie who got himself tied up with the Mafia so now he co owns a bar as a front for them and sells dope to pay back what he owes. His friend shows him a new drug made from ground up dinosaur bones and ends up dead soon after. Later that night he finds it in his bag. He has to try it and he envisions himself a dinosaur.

Z Laura VanArendonk Baugh Briana gets of the plane a into a cab completely exhausted and jet lagged soon she is asleep and wakes to realize she isn't headed in the right direction. Soon she realizes who is behind all this and the so called dinosaurs. Brandon is her twin brother and they believe that dinosaurs may have been alive longer than originally thought. A lot longer.
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