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Reviewed in the United States on October 26, 2018
I had a few WeMo smart plugs before ordering these. First of all, I HATED the app because adding a plug was so cumbersome. Plus, one of the plugs never did show up on the app so I couldn't really control it. It was in a room upstairs and I thought it must have been out of range of my WiFi router. I do not have a WiFi extender and almost bought one due to this issue. Had to send those plugs back.

I was excited to see Amazon was coming out with their own smart plugs and pre-ordered them right away. Controlling everything through one app is way preferable. As a huge bonus, my upstairs plug that I previously could not control with the WeMo plug and app now works flawlessly with the Amazon plug and Alexa app. I guess it wasn't out of range after all.

1. if you're already tied into the Amazon Alexa ecosystem this just makes sense, and you keep things under control with a single app. And easily controlled with your Echo device if you wish.
2. Really easy to add a plug via the Alexa app. Alexa will recognize it right away and you just scan the back of the plug to add it.
3. Shorter and less bulky than the WeMo plug.
4. Smart plugs that may have been non-responsive on my network before are working flawlessly now with the Amazon plug in use instead.

1. A bit pricey. I wish they offered multi-packs for a lower price per unit. This will probably happen later.
2. Adding a plug to operate on an on/off schedule was NOT as easy as with WeMo. It took too many steps, was not straightforward, and should be more streamlined. Basically, you're creating what they call a "routine." You have to add a start time. Then go back and do it all over again to add an end time. So I had to create two routines to get my coffee maker to start on weekdays at 6:45am and turn off on weekdays at 7:45am. That was silly. I did eventually figure it out, but they should really work on making it involve less steps and be more intuitive.

I will buy more but will wait until the price comes down or they're on sale.
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